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"What is Optimal Bioavailability?"

Bioavailability refers to the amount of the nutrient that is actually absorbed. 


Imagine a plant. A cow comes along on a sunny day and eats the plant. A portion of the calcium within that plant is absorbed by the cow. Later on, we consume the dairy from that cow and, in turn, absorb calcium ourselves. But what happens if we pass by the dairy, pole-vault over the cow, and just eat the plant ourselves?

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A note from our Founder,

Guy Waltman

"Throughout our developmental stages, I often found myself

pondering the question,"What is more important: having the most advanced formulas, or offering the most bang for your buck?" 

Of course both are extremely important, and we have spared zero expense to create the most bioavailable recipes possible -- but what's the point if they're going to be unaffordable? What's the point if we jack the price up too high? 


Our ongoing ambition is to live up to the word Optimal. That means creating products that are Optimal for your health, packaging that is Optimal for the environment, and setting our pricing in an Optimal way. Our Optimal Plant Bioavailability Seal was created to depict ingredient quality and comprehensiveness, but when you see it, we hope you'll also think "bang for your buck" -- an assurance that what you're getting is more than just advanced; it's a top shelf product at an Optimal level."


We end up getting calcium from its PRIMARY source! This results in a much healthier, cleaner, and more effective (dare we say OPTIMAL) absorption of calcium! Not only that, but there is more calcium to absorb because we don't have to miss out on what the cow wasn't able to absorb. This is bioavailability, and every single one of our vitamins and minerals, literally 100% of them, are from their most primary sources on the planet.

"Isn't food enough?"

It really isn’t. The food landscape in America plummeted following WWI. Without a war effort to feed, massive surpluses led to systems that have stripped mother nature of her micronutritional values. Even if the food landscape improved, the odds of living in a region that possess all the trace vitamins and minerals you needed are slim to none.


"Do I really need to supplement?"

Not if your goal is merely survival. The human body can survive chronically malnourished, dehydrated, sleep deprived, stressed, and without physical activity (approximately for 75 years). However, to thrive… YES, you must be adequately nourished and the best way to do that is with the most bioavailable source as possible..

Listen to our Founder, Guy Waltman, explain more in the video below.

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Science vs. Marketing

We want you to be an informed consumer. In that spirit, it is so important to recognize the difference between science and marketing. Often times we think we're seeing/ reading/ hearing science, but in actuality, it's just highly effective marketing. 


"Milk is good for strong bones." Sounds like science, right? Wrong. Calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients are good for strong bones. Dairy, quite frankly, is actually hazardous to our health.  


Our Bioavailability seal, of course, is marketing -- but we see it as a symbol of science. Bioavailability is science. All the organic chemistry that has gone into these formulas is science. We wanted to put the science back into supplements nutrients, and with that, we're proud to put this emblem on our packaging. One day, we hope it will be the gold standard for all products in this industry, because you and I deserve nothing less. 

"What bioavailable sources does Optimal Nutrients use?"

You can learn which bioavailable sources we use for every single ingredient in our entire Optimal Nutrients product line on our Ingredients page.

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Our seal is our promise to you

that literally 100% of Optimal Nutrients vitamins + minerals

are made from their most primary sources on the planet. 

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